Ticabus Travel Safety: Tica Bus Travel In Central America Is Safe?

Is it safe to travel by TicaBus in Central America? Tica Bus safety is definitely something to think about before you book your tickets. http://www.carrieandjonathan.com/tica-bus-takes-us-from-managua-nicaragua-to-san-salvador-el.html We felt safe the whole time we were on TicaBus. Tica Bus also goes into Mexico, but we didnt go that far north. We traveled on TicaBus, starting in San Jose, Costa Rica. We went from San Jose, CR to Managua, Nicaragua. We traveled on Ticabus from Managua north to San Salvador, El Salvador. We traveled from San Salvador to Guatemala City. On the way back, we went from Guatemala City to San Salvador, San Salvador to Managua, where we again took the local bus to Granada. The TicaBus picked us up in Granada to go back to San Jose, and our most recent trip on TicaBus was to take the bus from San Jose to David, Panama. We felt safe the whole time on TicaBus. http://www.carrieandjonathan.com/tica-bus-takes-us-from-managua-nicaragua-to-san-salvador-el.html