THE LEAF – Cigar Safari

http://cigarsafari.comWhile each Hand Made cigar is comprised of a Wrapper, Binder, and Filler, it is the Wrapper, called "Capa" in Spanish, which is the Prized Jewel of every respected cigar factory.Approximately 30% of the cost of each cigar can be attributed to the Wrapper ... and for truly Vintage Capa, the actual production cost can be as high as $2 to $3 dollars per cigar. At any cost, truly great Capa is Rare and delicate, and is treated by Drew's Nicaraguan Artisans with the respect of "Oro" (Gold, in Spanish).Creating first class Capa begins like all tobacco, at the Farm, then moves to the Curing Barn. Cigar Safari brings each Enthusiast on this natural eco-tour, again, passionately describing each detail to our guests. Touching, smelling, and tasting the tobacco while you are actually on the field makes your senses come alive. One well known writer mentioned that she had only felt this inspired while touring the Vineyards of France.From there, the Capa is placed in a decorative, yet technical manner that we call "Pilones" in Nicaragua. This is a very important stage in the "Curing" procedure and is primarily based in tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation.At Drew Estate, we take great pride in our Capa, which we Co-Grow or purchase from our alliances in the following countries: Brazil, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Mexico, Ecuador, Connecticut USA, Cameroon Africa, and JAVA Indonesia.