The Last Trumpet Is Sounding, Jesus Is The Only God & Savior

Dear Youtube Viewer: 8/8/11 This is my last message GOD has enable me to give to the people (mainly the homeless community) of Salt Lake City, Utah (USA). It was given on the 4th of July, 2011 at the Pioneer Park in downtown Salt Lake. In a few days, I'll be moving to Nicaragua to continue spreading the message of GOD Almighty to the poorest of the poor in places such as Tipitapa, Cristo Rey, Ciudadela, La Campana, Masaya, Managua, Boaco, Puerto Cabezas and Granada. As you can see from my photo gallery, there are hundreds of pictures of other dates and messages GOD has given me to spread in Utah: PHOTO GALLERY We're still processing other videos I have, but we've been packed with work! That's good! I ask you to pray for this ministry and for myself and family as we've already started our Mission in Nicaragua and soon I, along with the Berrios Kids Ministry, will land on this tropical country (On August 20th, 2011, Lord willing we will be in Nicaragua). I humbly ask you to support our ministry since the need is great in Nicaragua. We are searching for more donors who are able to give what they can: food, clothes, shoes, toys, money, literature, school supplies, computers and construction materials. Remember, out of all the countries in North America, South America, Central America, the Bahamas, the Caribbean, the Antilles, and other nations in the Western Hemisphere, including parts of Africa, Europe, Antarctica, and Asia; Nicaragua is the poorest of them all. Support our mission - - and bring a smile on a family and a child who lives and works in the garbage landfill. There are children who live on the streets because they have turned into drugs, sniffing glue (thinner) and committing crimes. You can visit our ministry site: SPANISH: FACEBOOK: ------------ GOD IS WITH YOU! ------------ SPREAD THE WORD! SPREAD THE WORD! SPREAD THE WORD! Sincerely, JUAN CARLOS BERRIOS Ministerio Ultima Trompeta (Last Trumpet Ministry) TEL: 801-938-5544 (USA)