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Author- Ajay shama. producer & directore-Sohan lal verma Around 29 km's South of Bilaspur in Chhattisgarh (India) there are ruins of two temples popularly known as Devrani and Jethani on the banks of the river Maniyari at Tala or Talagaon. Fragmented sculptures lie scattered all around. During the site clearance operations, (although it is named so but factually it was a large scale excavation carried out around the temple ruins) very many huge sculptures, most of them broken, were recovered from under the soil. The complex looked like a grave yard of sculptures. Amongst them one was unique in the sense it defied all attempts to identify it with anything known so far. The most important piece of sculpture at Tala is a more than two meters high figure in red sandstone called Rudra Shiva. This is a unique piece of sculpture that is not found anywhere else in archeological history. This one of its kind piece that to me looked more like a Yaksha figure but for the Raudra or Ugr (aggressive) expression that it carries, it has been named Rudra Shiva. Another potential reason why it might have been inferred as Shiva is because Shiva is known as Pasupatinath or the Lord of the animals and this figures portrays that aspect of him through various animal figures sculpted as body parts of this image. I think this can be the signature sculpture of Chhattisgarh. by Ajay sharma Subscribe SLV ENTERTAINMENT channel for unlimited entertainment https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-bxZewa4vFvTPwxPxMvPxw **********************************