Teach English for 2 Weeks on Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

This is a clip of Alvaro Molina's interview on Ometepe Island (Hacienda Merida = Hmerida.com, Highly Recommended by ThePrimeSpot). Getting there. Fly into Managua, Nicaragua (or Costa Rica ie. Liberia or San Jose airports), take ferry at San Jorge near Rivas to the Island of Ometepe. Stop into The Cornerhouse for a meal or a night (their B&B includes breakfast) and say hi to Gary (UK) and Laura (Ottawa), grab a coffee and brownie before the 2-3 hour trek to the otherside of the island on wheels (taxi, bus). Hmerida.com is about 7K down the road after entering Merida. The Hacienda has tourguides availabe - we took one to the swamp AND monkey islands. Breakfast, lunch and dinner = plentiful. Darwin the 16 year old receptionist AND accountant is going to be very successful in life!