Tasbapauni, Nicaragua – a short walk.

Tasbapauni is a small coastal community on the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua in the R.A.A.S. (Región Autónoma Atlántico Sur - South Atlantic Autonomous Region). I was told Tasbapauni means "red dirt." The community is bordered on the east by the Caribbean, and on the west by Laguna de Perlas (Pearl Lagoon). The community is accessible from Bluefields only by boat via Pearl Lagoon. There are no roads or vehicles in the community, and electricity is available only when the community generator is in operation -- usually in the afternoon and early evening. During la contrarrevolucion (the Contra War), the community was the site of fierce fighting centered around the Moravian Church, with memories lingering long in community. A truly beautiful location with a constant ocean breeze, tropical forests, and a serenity unmatched.