Taking a 180 degrees turn in life…”Expanding my horizons”

First thing said: Javier Herdocia, you're going to Cable, Wisconsin. First thing thought: Is that even on the map?! First advice given: PREPARE YOURSELF FOR A VERY VERY COLD WINTER! ...Time passed by and it was time to actually take some action...I left Nicaragua wearing my shorts and a t-shirt; 8 hours on a plane, 5 hours on a car, and 3946 Miles later, I reached Cable, Wisconsin, my final Destination...And they were right! IT WAS A VERY VERY COLD PLACE! But when I finally stepped on snow, and added 4 extra layers to my daily outfit... I was able to take advantage of the weather conditions and try all the new stuff that I can't do at home, and I never got to try before! Feeling truly grateful with life, the Work and Travel program, and its opportunities I now leave you with my illustrated memories! I hope you enjoy watching them at least half of what I enjoyed living them.