http://cigarsafari.comUnlike any Cigar Factory in the world, the 36 Artist, Subculture Studios is widely recognized as the best "Cigar Art" since cigar legend, Ramon Allones in Havana, Cuba in the mid 1950's.Upon moving to Nicaragua in 1999, I became inspired by the Graffiti throughout Managua. While I found it different from the Graffiti I grew up with in New York City, the Connectivity was apparent, and brought me solice during my most difficult transitional time.Over the years, I recruited Nicaraguan Graffiti Artists to assist me in "Design Defusion," which has become Drew Estate's signature Trade Dress. To do this, however, was no easy accomplishment. Beginning with Jesse, Dog, Theif, & Chuck we spent months studying and restudying traditional formats, including Art Deco, Art Neuvo, Americana, Primitive, Victoriana, and Spanish Colonial. The Fusion of these classic art formats into our branding was inspirational for each of us, and led to a unique style that cannot be copied anywhere in the world.Instead of hiring these Graffiti Artists by the project, Jesse (Master Artist) and I began to recruit the very best talent to Esteli, to work at the "Subculture Studio Art Factory with us". The response was striking. Other cigar guys in the business didn't know what to make of it, other than the typical explanation that the crazy gringo, Jonathan Drew, was really going mad this time. But we shocked them all, as each new "Hand Painted Original" and "Limited Edition" became a classic, and then began to sell online for $350 each, and later as much as $1,200 each for a Signed Limited Edition.Today, the Subculture Art Studio is attached to the Chalet Section of the Drew Estate Factory, which includes the View Area and Pool Area, and has a total of 36 young artists who represent Nicaragua and Central America to the core. Watching life come full circle ... the opportunity that we created for our artists has become one of our most essential strengths, as well as what distinguishes Drew Estate from all other Cigar Factories on earth. Each Cigar Safari guest will spend time at the Subculture Studio and get to know these dynamic artists in person, as well as the wildly fierce, "Dectown Artists".