ROLLING FLOOR – Cigar Safari The magic of creating Premium Cigars encompasses many integral and fascinating parts, each interlinked, and all dependent upon each other. The Rolling Floor, known in Nicaragua as "the Salon," is where the parts ultimately come together. Walking the Rolling Floor is an awesome, organic, experience. The kinetic energy of the Salon, the hustle and bustle, and the rhythmic sounds of the "Chavetas" clicking and clacking on the Cigar Tablets, coupled with the Latin Music -- is an uplifting experience for Cigar Enthusiasts and "Slice of Life" Appreciativos. At Drew Estate, we "Fabric" over 100 Sizes and Shapes of cigars, many of which are unique to the cigar industry in any country, including Cuba. The rollers really enjoy the expressions on our visitor's faces as they watch these masterful "cohibas" come to life, right before their eyes. The thousands of important details shape the quality of any factory's production, and we enjoy sharing these details with guests from all over the world in our Comfortable and Colonial Fabric in Esteli.