Planet Kapow 32 : Masaya to San Juan

TENSIONS RISE: and drop away constantly within the group; we're only four, after all, and we've been traveling a long time together - seven months, now, for Adam and I, five for the girls. And while traveling alongside three of your best friends can be one of the richest and most rewarding experiences in life, it can also be a bit like trying to run down the street with a plastic bag over your head. So there are sunken veins of frustration and hostility constantly swerving, bubbling, disappearing. And, on a handful of occasions, they bleed to the surface. None of us are known for our exaggerated sense of drama - there are no all-day shouted feuds here, no punches thrown, no tedious bathroom lock-ins. Just a quick blast of words (not yelled, but flung like knives) and then we scatter to our corner of the bus, to read or listen to music or - my favoured tactic - to stare vacantly out the window with a big stupid grin on my face to try to demonstrate to the others that I'm having a much more enjoyable day than they are. Read the rest of the story: