PACKAGING – Cigar Safari Nicaragua is a country with many traditions and norms. One such tradition resides in the Packaging Division at most factories, where 95% of the Artisans are woman. There are legends that address this phenomenon, some of them romantic, such as the fact that each tobacco leaf is rolled only on the thighs of beautiful virgins. Others simply claim that only a woman's gentle touch can place a Cigar Band meticulously and perfectly. In any case, the Drew Estate Packaging area is an additional spark of intrigue to guests due to the dynamics of the hand applications. Packaging is the part of the Cigar Industry where the finishing touch is made - and identities are born. Some of these identities will sustain lifetimes and generations, while others will simply fade away. Although Drew Estate has become one of the world's largest premium cigar factories, our philosophy, practices, and culture is unique and honest. Your Safari visit will further commemorate our distinct place in history.