Nicaragua’s Volcanoes

A more detailed description of this video as well as other sites are also in my Blog A small one travelled through on the part of the Nicaragua Volcanic Chain. In Nicaragua exists more than 200 volcanic structures. Some experts refer at more than 600. Counting their multiple small crater lakes (gaps) of volcanic origin, domes, maar, etc. The Nicaragua volcanic chain has produced all the mechanisms and volcanic products known in the world. They emphasize the national parks as Masaya and Mombacho. Also, they are extraordinary the ascents to some of them as the Maderas volcano, Momotombo and Cerro Negro since where can be practiced the extreme sport "sand Sky". Also the pleasure of swimming in the crater of a active volcano. Tourists enjoy the Nicaragua volcano hiking challenge and the wonderful landscapes that have. The Nicaragua volcanoes appear in poetry like Victor Hugo or Rubén Darío. This is a small vision of the natural wonders of the land of lakes and volcanoes. The background music is a piece that is taken of the Album Pure Relaxation, the theme is the called trail Nightfall Music of the jungle.