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Create your own video on ! Colonial arquitecture of the city of Granada, Nicaragua. Corn Island off the Atlantic Coast now a popular tourist destination was originally a British protectorate until it was ceded along with the rest of the Mosquito Coast to Nicaragua. German migration to Nicaragua began in the 1800s. By the end of the century there was a significant minority; pictured here are the founding members of the Deutsche Club in Nicaragua. Street scene of Managua city centre prior to the 1972 earthquake. Augusto Cesar Sandino. The sons of Anastasio Somoza García: Anastasio Somoza Debayle and Luis Somoza Debale; both became presidents. Cuban President of The Council of State Fidel Castro in Nicaragua, with former and current President Daniel Ortega (1980). Libyan leader Muammar El Gaddafi in Nicaragua, with former and current President Daniel Ortega. Violeta Barrios de Chamorro in 1990 became the first female president democratically elected in the American continent. Turtles are common in many beaches of Nicaragua when on a yearly basis they collectively arrive at the same time on the same beach to lay their eggs. The are protected by the Nicaraguan government in National Parks. Guardabarranco (Turquoise-browed Motmot): the national bird. Toucan is a very common bird in many of Nicaragua´s Rainforests. Maderas and Concepcion Volcanoes, popular tourist destination in Nicaragua. Coffee is one of Nicaragua´s most important exports. It is exported worldwide throughout The Americas, Europe, Asia and as far as Australia. Bananas and Plantain are also very important exports for Nicaragua and unlike coffee is widely consumed within the national market. Pacific beach in Nicaragua. Playa Santo Domingo is a popular white sandy beach on the shores of the largest freshwater island in Central America, Ometepe Island, Nicaragua. Five Star Hotel - Morgan´s Rock a very luxurious hotel in Rivas, Nicaragua. Agricultural workers of a primarily indigenous background. School Boys in Nicaragua. Office workers in Managua. Distinctive traditional costumes and dance from a very renowned folk dance from Nicaragua, El Güegüense. Macho Raton. An example of typical Nicaraguan artesans which are sold in markets all over the country.