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nicaragua propertyfor more details visit us at our website: Sale of a small farm (17 acres) with new house: Rancho Don QuijoteLocal: San Ramón de Tisma, MasayaOnly 25 minutes from the International airport in Managua. The road is entirely paved. Less than 40 minutes to the center of Managua and 35 minutes to the Metropolitan Hospital, the best in Central America. Sale Price: US$300.000.00Rancho Don Quijote has 17 acres of land. The new main house, finished in March, 2011, has slightly more than 4,000 square feet under roof; four bedrooms, four baths, Large Living Room area (900 square feet), very beautiful and modern kitchen with handcrafted cabinets of Cedar. In addition, there is a small house adjoining for maid's quarters, complete with bath. And, there is a brand new Caretaker's House at the entrance to the property. There is a corral, complete with a covered area for the horses.The architecture is quite unique: a mixture of indigenous (with typical "ranchos" with palm-thatched roofs, plus bedrooms that are built of quarry stone with plaster imitating adobe. Completely earthquake proof with seismic (steel re-enforced beams in the foundation, in the middle of the walls and around the top. Roof is welded steel beams with fiber-cement panels, painted white on both sides to reflect heat.A lovely pool: approximately 14 x 25 feet, 12,500 gallons. Maximum depth: 4'10", Minimum depth: 3 feet. The pool has an electronic chlorinator that never requires the addition of chlorine. Rock salt is added as the apparatus requires it and the salt is converted into small amounts of chlorine that keep the pool clear and clean. Simple maintenance. 3/4 hp pump for the silica sand filter.Rancho Don Quijote is situated on two hills that have a lovely view of the Tisma Lagoon, which connects Lake Managua to Lake Nicaragua. A brisk breeze blows up from the Lagoon, keeping the place cool. The eastern horizon has an impressive view of the mountains of Chontales, and to the south can be seen Mombacho Volcano.In a process of reforestation, more than 400 trees were planted in 2010, mostly flowering and hardwood. In addition, there are fruit trees—orange, lemon, sweet lemon, avocado, mango, papaya and others.TOURISM POSSIBILITIES:The farm has two hills. The Residence is located on the first of them. The second has approximately 11 acres and on the higher part could easily hold 6-12 cabins. We have an estimate for the construction of a cabin that measures 16 x 27, which includes a living room/bedroom, bathroom and kitchenette. Building it with quarry stone with stucco imitating Colonial adobe and a roof of fiber cement corrugated panels, painted white on both sides, complete with water and light connections, for about $US10,000.00 each. Since the Farm is located only 25 minutes from the International Airport in Managua, it has magnificent possibilities for a tourist project. The cabins would accommodate easily a couple and 2-3 children. The Living Room of the main Residence could easily serve as a dining/living area for guests. The kitchen in the Residence has everything necessary for the preparation of meals for more than 25 persons. The pool is adequate for the enjoyment of as many. The location of the Rancho Don Quijote (12 miles north of Masaya) will permit excursions in the region, including the Masaya Volcano, the Artesan Market in Masaya, the Apoyo Volcano Lagoon in Catarina, and Granada, with its historic architecture and Lake Nicaragua. There are two horses that are trained and tame and could be used by the guests on an hourly rental basis. The 75-foot tower-antenna connects to the Internet magnificently and a router provides WiFi connection throughout the Residence. With an investment of a little more than $US50,000.00, the new owner can have four cabins prepared to receive tourists. An investigation on the Internet has indicated that a week in such a place as Rancho Don Quijote could charge at least $500-600.00 for a couple, including Nicaraguan meals. An initial feasibility study indicates that the point of equilibrium for such a project is 20% occupancy. for more details visit us at our website: property