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Masaya Volcano - is in the province of Masaya. Masaya Volcano National park elevation is 635 meters above sea level measured from the extinct cone of San Fernando where views of the lake valley are priceless. Mombacho Volcano is a natural reserve founded in 1999 .The Mombacho Volcano is an evergreen tropical cloud forest characterized by a high incidence of low-level cloud cover You can hike at Mombacho Volcano and do the Mombacho canopy tour. Cerro Negro Volcano - is in the province of León and located in the middle of the impressive Maribios Volcano Range. At just 450 meters, little and very active Cerro Negro deceives those who underestimate it ferocity. Nicaragua is becoming a better known as the surfing destination, yet still has much smaller crowds compared to Costa Rica and Mexico. Due to the Lake Nicaragua effect, the wind blows offshore here 330 days per year!! With solid S swells and some of the best points, rock reefs and sandbars in Central America this is a recipe for perfection. Surfing in Nicaragua remains optimal all day long, with the tides being your main deciding factor of when to paddle out. The best time for surfing in Nicaragua is April thru early December, which is when the most south swells hit Nicaragua's Pacific coast.