By Marco Petruzzelli Nicaragua, Little Corn Island an incredible beach The Corn Islands (Spanish: Las Islas del Maíz) are two islands about 70 kilometers (43 mi) east off the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, constituting one of 12 municipalities of the Región Autónoma del Atlántico Sur department. The official name of the municipality is Corn Island (the English name is officially used in Spanish-speaking Nicaragua). Corn Islands consists of Big Corn Island (Isla Grande del Maíz; often simply referred to as Corn Island; Isla del Maíz), with an area of 10 square kilometers (3.9 sq mi), and Little Corn Island (Isla Pequeña del Maíz), with an area of 2.9 square kilometers (1.1 sq mi). The total area is 12.9 square kilometers (5.0 sq mi). Mount Pleasant Hill in the north of Big Corn Island, is the highest elevation of the islands, at 113 meters (371 ft). Little Corn Island reaches a height of 38 meters (125 ft) in the Lookout Point in the northern part of the island.