Nicaragua Land of Lakes and Volcanoes

A collaboration of the private sector with the tourism and the investments in Nicaragua by Lolo Morales Furniture | "Like the best ones of the world" ; Móvil: (505) 8956-5128 ; (505) 2278-0901 N I C A R A G U A Nicaragua is truly deserving of the poetic description as "The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes". It is the heart of Central America, situated at the very center of the Americas --an ideal place to visit if you are looking for something truly different and defying. Nicaragua is neatly tucked between two oceans, where you can enjoy the natural beauty of dozens of volcanoes, rivers, and lakes. The country has three regions with very different weather, geography, and population: Pacific Region, Central Region, and the Caribbean Region consisting of two sub-regions: the Autonomous North Atlantic Region (RAAN), and the Autonomous South Atlantic Region (RAAS). It is rich in tourist attractions allowing you to choose from an immense variety of activities like swimming or surfing on the gigantic waves of the Pacific Ocean; nature walks to the volcanoes and magical lagoons where you will be a first hand witness to hundreds of animal species and florae, this is especially great for lovers of ecological tourism. You can go kayaking on the calm waters of Lake Cocibolca, an immense lake with the wonder of over three hundred islands and home of the only fresh water sharks in the world; fabulous rivers, visits to Spanish colonial cities, archeological treasures, and swim and surf on the crystalline waters of the Caribbean. We encourage you to visit one of our main tourist routes, commonly known as the "Coffee Route", located in the northern part of the country; it is a fascinating experience of Alternative Tourism where a venturesome tourist takes to the jungle, encountering animal life and vegetation in their natural environment. Later arriving at coffee farms with ideal and comfortable facilities for the tourist to rest, hike; sightsee while identifying the fauna and flora, mountain biking, horseback riding, and all this happens in a deliciously cool climate. The "Water Route" is another tour. This time through the San Juan River and its outlets. It is over 200 Kilometers long and forms a natural border with our southern neighbor, Costa Rica, as it flows into the Caribbean Sea. The area known as "El Castillo" is the widest part of the river, surrounded by islands bursting with vegetation and the Indio-Maize Reserve thrives with streams and jungle zones flourishing with flora and fauna. The beauty and the natural and cultural variety of the country blend well with the hospitality of its people and a history that thrills and inspires. This is a land of great cultural richness, multiethnic and multilingual, opening a door to harmony and wealthy with optimism; all of this makes Nicaragua a unique and exceptional land to visit.