Nicaragua: Granada Pt 2 – International Living

Granada, Nicaragua - International Living Get your free report on Nicaragua here: editors Suzan Haskins and Dan Prescher are revisiting Nicaragua, where they lived in 2007 during the first six months of Daniel Ortega's latest presidency. The colonial town of Granada is a long-time favorite with U.S., Canadian, and other expats and retirees looking for a good lifestyle at reduced cost. Many expats do very well here on $1,000 per month or less... property taxes and other costs of living are low here, and the business, service, and entertainment centers of Managua, the capital city, are less than an hour's drive away. So much to do in the area... Volcan Mombacho offers hiking, zip lining, nature tours, and more. Granada is on the shore of Lake Nicaragua, with boating and fishing. And nearby Lake Apoyo is a fascinating crater lake of deep, pure water that features residential developments, restaurants, kayaking and other activities just minutes from town. Several streets close to Granada's main square are closed to traffic on the weekends to accommodate sidewalk cafes, restaurants and bars. The street life is lively and the weather perfect in the evenings under the Nicaraguan sky. Get your free report on Nicaragua here: