Nicaragua: Colonial Home, Granada for $150,000 – International Living

A Restored Colonial Home in Granada, Nicaragua for $150,000 - International Living Get your free report on Nicaragua here: In this video, International Living editor Lee Harrison takes a tour around a beautiful colonial home for sale for $150,000 in Granada, Nicaragua. The colonial homes in Granada have names, and this one, which has been restored, is called Casa Arcos. The house comes with over 2,360 square feet of living space (220 square meters), and offers two huge bedroom suites and a balcony upstairs, with the living areas downstairs. The colonial city of Granada is one of the oldest and best-preserved in Central America, and was founded in 1523. The central square is as pretty and as active as ever with its large trees, its brightly painted gazebo, and its many park benches, occupied in the evenings by young couples and families enjoying the cool air. You can buy an ice cream or peanuts from one of the vendors and wander through the church with its many Spanish icons. Learn more about Nicaragua and other countries in our daily postcard e-letter. Simply sign up for IL's free postcards here: Get your free report on Nicaragua here: and we'll send you a FREE REPORT- Start a New Life on the Beach in Nicaragua.