Mission Trip to Nicaragua 2010

A group of 15 people left Cross Roads Community Baptist Church not really knowing what to expect. Many of us haven't really been out of the country, yet alone to a third world country. When DeAnn started giving information about the trip my family and I felt like God was calling us to go. I've always wanted to do missionary work out of the country and this was a great opportunity to do just that. My wife and I both are fluent in Spanish and our kids can communicate fairly well too. When we arrived in Managua, it was like nothing we have ever seen. So many things are different there, when living in the United States you don't really realize how much you have until you see how others live without it. God spoke to us in many ways through this trip. My daughter has found her calling in life, to help kids and teens in the inner city and I have a new appreciation for all of my dental tools. In this video you will be able to come along with our team on the eight day journey that changed all of our lives.