Manajah Presents : Nicaragua

Manajah Presents : Nicaragua Nicaragua, officially the Republic of Nicaragua, is a country in Central America Capital: Managua Official languages: Spanish Area: 129.494 Km² Population: Ca. 5.900.000 Ethnic groups: 69 % Mestizos 17 % European Descent 8 % African Descent 5 % Amerindians 1 % Other Currency: Córdoba (NIO) Motto: En Dios Confiamos (In God We Trust) Religion: 59 % Catholic Christians 24 % Protestant Christians 16 % No Religion 1 % Other Sport: Baseball is the most popular sport played in Nicaragua Geography: Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America History: Since its independence, Nicaragua has undergone periods of political unrest, military intervention on behalf of the United States, dictatorship and fiscal crisis Economy: Nicaragua has widespread underemployment and the second lowest per capita income in the Americas