Making fire hoops in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

Disclaimer: My camera battery died in the midst of filming this video log, so for those of you looking for directions for building fire hoops, this is not the video for you... I will hopefully get one up when I get back in the states (but I don´t think you want to build a fire hoop like these ones... they´re prettty jenke and cut me up every time I play... YEUH! FIRE HOOPS! I encountered two Canadians in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua.. equipped with a fire staff and hula hoop. We went out with our toys one night and made friends with some fire spinners and asked about fire hoops. Our new friend Sindi (from Managua, Nicaragua) adventured with us to the hardware stores of Rivas and wegot the materials needed to build our own fire hoops... hopefully some video of fire hooping will come soon!!