lluvia : rain

An emotive collage of sound and images depicting my month long journey in Nicaragua this summer. I wasn't expecting to compile the footage I took, so the cuts are pretty random and the narrative is non-existent. Despite lack of quality and preparation, I'm proud of what I accomplished with what little I had to work with. It still manages to capture the emotions I experienced on my trip: the peacefulness of my introduction to Nicaragua during our stay at a crater lake in Masaya, the excitement and loudness of revolutionary celebrations in EstelĂ­ and my inner turmoil at the time, and my embracement of the culture, beauty, and people of San Juan de Limay. The song during the ending credits was performed by my host brother in Limay for his family's church service. The credits are my way of saying thanks to the people who touched my life during my short time in the land of lakes and volcanoes.