Live, Invest and Retire in Nicaragua

Want to Retire in Nicaragua? Over the last twenty years, Nicaragua has evolved in the eyes of many North American tourists and investors. Specially, retirees are starting to discover the advantages of this beautiful and affordable destination for owning a second home. What will you find when you come to Nicaragua? We invite you join us as we discuss the following topics: Nicaraguan Residency Retirement regulations Tax Incentives Benefits Temporary Residency Investor's Residency Nicaragua's Historic Highlights Throughout the country, you will meet several honest, smart and incredibly hard working people, folks willing to take part in the modernization of their country and eager for Nicaragua to resume its role as a leader in Central America. And you will experience a people-friendly culture that has been lost almost everywhere else in the world. You have the opportunity to take action and participate in perhaps the most exciting opportunity available in the world with international emerging market property. With the current market situation, the opportunity exists to capitalize in the Nicaraguan Real Estate market with Grupo Mariana.