Lake Nicaragua – Supporting the rural community in Granada, Nicaragua. Part 2 Island Ecolodge, a luxury property located on the idyllic Isletas de Granada in Lake Nicaragua provides travelers with a unique five star vacation experience. It also provides support for the primarily rural community it resides in. The property itself sits on a one-acre island among a chain of 365 miniature islands in the area, some of which house other luxury properties but most of which are occupied by farmers and fisherman.Despite this dichotomy, businesses such as Jicaro have made it their mission to integrate themselves into the local community. "We want the people of the island community to be proud to have us here, to work here, to see Jicaro as a benefit," says general manager Howard Coulson.Saul Victorino, a local fisherman who lives on an island about 20 minutes away from Jicaro was recently hired to work maintenance and also sells his fish to the hotel. He is grateful for the job, and the opportunity to provide a better life for his wife and two daughters. He is also grateful that the hotel has implemented a culture of sustainability and education around the islands. He says he's learned a lot in terms of recycling and how to dispose of trash correctly and his neighbors have caught wind as well. Saul has been encouraged by the hotel to offer artisan fishing tours where he teaches guests the art of the Nicaraguan catch. Coulson says the hotel is proud to promote this type of real cultural exchange.Although it would be easier to hire employees from bigger cities (such as nearby Granada), Jicaro remains dedicated to hiring staff from the surrounding area, even if they have had no training or experience with tourism. The learning curve is steep but well worth it, given that employees bring a cultural connection to the area and are often encouraged to offer their own tours or other services to guests.Jicaro also supports community projects, working with locals in sustainability efforts to protect the area's lush but fragile environment. They've partnered with the neighboring Padre Nello school to create a recycling program and water filtration system, and they are currently investing in a biogas program to create cooking gas from the natural waste of pigs.We invite you to take a glimpse into life on Jicaro Island Ecolodge and the surrounding isletas, where we met a local fisherman who took us on a boat tour, visited the Padre Nello school that Jicaro is supporting, and fed the pigs on Jicaro's biogas farm that supplies cooking gas to the local community.To learn more about Jicaro visit: read the iSeeiTravel blog post related to this video visit:, Nicaragua, Lake Nicaragua, Jicaro Island Ecolodge, Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality, Sustainable Travel, Responsible Travel, Islands of Granada, Nicaragua Schools, iSeeiTravel, Adventure Travel, Unique Travel, Pack for a Purpose, San Juan del Sur, Managua, Ecolodge, Conscious Travel, Rural Tourism, Tourism, Fishing, GuapoteiSeeiTravel is a media company dedicated to promoting conscious travel. We produce brand-building documentary content based on real places, real people, and real travel experiences.