Joluva Hotel Granada Nicaragua UPDATED

Bienvenidoa a Hotel Joluva en Granada, Nicaragua! Bienvenidos a Joluva!! Hey guys, We ae michael alan and DAngelo with Hey guys we just got back from Granada, Nicaragua which we like a lot weve been there quite a few times. We love it a lot its a beautiful town and Id highly recommend it for anyone traveling around Nicaragua or Costa Rica and has some extra time to go out there. Its a beautiful colonial style city Its old?! One of the oldest Its one of the oldest colonial cities in the Americas. We like it because the people are nice, the arcutecture of the buildings, they even have the lake Lake Nicaragua right there Which they have some beautiful island you can tour around. They even have a great cemetery with nice headstones and tombs. Right, were going to show you a couple of pictures of those as well. Anyways, when we go there we usually stay at the Joluva Guest House aka the Joluva Hotel which is primarily a gay hotel, buy if youre cool and you dont care, believe me they dont care either Yeah, theyre pretty straight friendly weve taken some straight friends that that have had a good time as well. Weve actually reviewed it before Weve reviewed it before but the last review we did was pretty bland, basic, and plane with no pictures. We didnt show you the hotel we didnt show you Granada we didnt show you anything we just talked about it. So, we thought wed redo it and show you a little bit of the hotel. Give you more information on it as well Just so you know, this has no affiliation with the now defunked Hotel Joluva that was in San Jose, Costa Rica so, theres no connections there. Um, the Joluva Guest House has four rooms 4 rooms and its a small hotel I didnt think it was small! It seemed bigger to me Well, 4 rooms is pretty small, but it does look like a bigger hotel, and its nice and private. The rooms kind of remind you of if you had a extra bedroom in your house or something like that, you know.. Theyre nice. As you can see. They come with lockboxes (safes), ceiling fans, and wardrobes so you can hang your clothes in. and as you can see they definitely have hot water otherwise Christopher would not be taking a shower. Oh, but the water. Well, Granada itself has a water issue where they have water shortages every now and then. But the hotel owners go out of their way to make sure you guys have water here at the hotel. So, they have water tanks so when the water goes out in Granada you guys still have water at the hotel. But it could be an issue. Air-conditioning also, I dont think all of the rooms have air-conditioning. One room does not have air-conditioning so if you are in dire need of air-conditioning make sure you ask for a room that does have airconditioning.. ah, weve always just used a ceiling fan yeah, never had problems, never really needed the air conditioning. So, three of the rooms are basically the same, and the other room is bigger its a bigger apartment style room with a kitchen and living room in there. the only problem with that room if it think there is one is it lines the street. And Im telling you it gets NOISY in the morning and way early in the morning. Granada in general is a very noisy noisy city. So, if youre a light sleeper I highly recommend earplugs whether youre staying at this hotel or another hotel in Granada. If youre a light sleeper earplugs are in need. Definitely! They kept the prices pretty stable since weve been there around $35 to $55. You know what. We thing thats actually undervalued.. yeahm, its pretty cheap. So, we would always encourage you to check the website out. They serve a breakfast there Its more like a continental style breakfast where its toast, juice, milk, fruits, coffee, stuff like that. The guys that run the hotel Jan and Frances. great guys!!! Especially if Jans around they have great stories Great conversations always lively conversations I think between them they speak like a thousand languages or something.. hahahaha Im not sure its 1000, but they speak a lot of them. Anyways, these guys are a great source of info they can show you where to get the best money exchange, they know the good restaurants to eat at, and theyre just fun to talk to. For more helpful travel information on Costa Rica make sure you check out our website and our blog. Our Travel Tip Website- michael alan's blog - Our pictures from around Costa Rica - Our Gay Travel Tip Webpage - michael alan's gay blog - Lots more travel tips on video by us -