IPCPR 2012 Cigar Conversation: Jose Blanco of Joya de Nicaragua

We wrap up our 2012 IPCPR Conversation Series with the one and only Jose Blanco of Joya de Nicaragua It's been about a year since Jose joined Joya de Nicaragua, and you can see the genuine enthusiasm he has for being a part of the company. Jose discusses how things have been going over the past year, and then gets in to the new Cuenca y Blanco. No doubt this gave Jose a great opportunity to work with some great tobacco. Jose is one of the most passionate people when it comes to cigar rights. Jose gives us a state of the land on how he sees the battle is going on the cigar rights front. Jose has some very interesting perspectives on this topic that every cigar enthusiast needs to here. When we get into our discussion on industry trends, Jose talks about the role cigar rights has played on this front - particularly on how it has affected the industry's growth rate.