Granada, Nicaragua: Rolling Cigars Our guide asked us if we would like to try rolling our own cigars. Of course we took her up on that suggestion. Cigar Rolling in Granada, Nicaragua, with Carrie And Jonathan. We learned that each cigar has at least 5 leaves rolled together. They are then pressed for at least 5 minutes per side in a press built especially for cigars. Then, they are given to a woman, and only a woman. Only a woman can put the decorative leaf finish on the cigars. Why? Because a woman is more aesthetically able to do this part of the job. It´s really amazing to see one come together. We were told that each person could make about 500 cigars per day. That´s a lot of cigars. We had so much fun at Mombacho Cigars that we wish we knew someone who smoked. They would have made a great gift. (But, actually, we´re thankful that we know all non-smokers.)