Luxury Accomodations Luxury Accomodations Finca Las Nubes (Farm of the clouds) is located approximately two miles from the ocean some 1200 to 1500 ft. high on a plateau offering a much cooler climate than down below. Surrounded by a steep escarpment on two sides and mountains on the other, it offers unparalleled privacy and security. The property offers a spectacular view panorama overlooking the entire coast from Costa Rica to the San Juan bay to the west, and volcanoes Conception and Maderas emerging from Lake Nicaragua to the east. Incredible wildlife is all around you. Howler monkeys call from the trees. There are protected valleys for farming and large open pastures for grazing animals surrounded by natural forest with creeks and waterfalls. There is abundant wildlife including three types of monkeys, sloths, deer and many others. This protected environment is home to howler, whiteface and spider monkeys, sloth, deer, rabbit, fox, skunk, possum, wild turkey, iguana and birds of all kinds including intensely colorful bands of wild parrots.