Escuela de Comedia y Mimo – kids programs in Granada, Nicaragua

Escuela de Comedia y Mimo hosted a weeklong circus festival in Granada, Nicaragua. Part of the program were 2 hour long workshops every morning for kids to come learn how to juggle, walk on stilts, make puppets, do handicrafts, spin flags, contact juggle... you name it. I ran into the circus on accident when they were parading down a street, tracked down the owner at a show that evening and ended up getting the chance to teach some hoops to the kids! There weren´t any other hoopers there (teaching, anyway,) so I felt like I really brought something to the table. The festival went all week, with shows in the main square and in various parks around the city. There were circuses who came from Mexico, Costa Rica, Columbia and even as far as Germany! I am so lucky to have bumped into the wild bunch... what a week it has been. If you want more information on the circus here in Granada, visit