CURING AND AGING – Cigar Safari Philosophically speaking, it is my belief that there are two ways to obtain knowledge and understanding on any subject matter. One of these paths is the Internet, or library for those whom still buck technology. The other path is the Tangible. Your journey at Cigar Safari resides only in the tangible, and accordingly, allows our guests to examine how tobacco has been Cured throughout the ages. Some techniques originated in Indigenous Nicaragua, others throughout the Carribean, most notably, Havana Cuba. During our Eco-Tour, Cigar Aficionado Jonathan Drew will unveil his secrets to Curing and Aging raw materials, illustrating the Romance as well as the Pragmatics that lead to truly fine tobaccos. "Tobacco is about empathy, philosophy, and romance, but also about action -- acute and timely." In this quote, Jonathan pays homage to the field worker, who is often overshadowed by big name Cigar Manufacturers. Experiencing first hand, in the windy, fresh Valley of Esteli, the thousands of hands necessary to make just one single cigar, is a once in a lifetime adventure, magnificent and always comfortable for our guests.