Costa Rica Nicaragua Border Crossing Los Chiles Hey Guys, we get a lot of emails asking for the process of crossing the border from Los Chiles Costa Rica to San Carlos Nicaragua, so we thought we'd oblige. This border crossing is a lot less stressful than the more popular border crossing at Penas Blancas. Of course there's a good reason for that, Penas Blancas is pretty much the gateway to most of the places people want to visit in Nicaragua- Granada, Managua, Ometepe, San Juan del Sur etc, where as with the exception of backpackers traveling off the beaten path, perputual tourists renewing their VISA's and Nica's in search of work or visiting family wouldn't really be interested in crossing the border at Los Chiles. But for us, it's a nice little day trip, and San Carlos is a GREAT place to pick up some cheap items such as clothes and toiletries and the boat ride down the Rio Frio is nice and again, the Immigration lines are MUCH shorter and care free. So, if you ever think you may want to cross the border at Los Chiles, you might want to CHECK OUT this video and get a little familiar with the process so you know what to expect. ENJoY!For more helpful travel information on Costa Rica make sure you check out our website and our blog.Our Travel Tip Website- http://www.TravelCostaRicaNow.commichael alan's blog - pictures from around Costa Rica - Gay Travel Tip Webpage - alan's gay blog - http://www.DoinGayCostaRica.blogspot.comLots more travel tips on video by us -