Cost of Living in Nicaragua

Nicaragua has the lowest cost of living in Central America. This is what is drawing more and more people to retire in Nicaragua.You don't what to purchase or rent a home without seeing it in person, making sure it's right for you. So when thinking of moving to Nicaragua, whether short term, or long term, it is recommended to stay at a cheap motel or other boarding place while you look for a place to rent or buy. This will keep you from buyers (or renters) remorse.Don't get a vacation rental if you're not going to Nicaragua to vacation. You can get something at a fraction of the cost if you wait until you get there to get a more permanent place to stay.The price range for buying homes in Nicaragua range from very very cheap (in the tens of thousands) to million dollar homes. It is even possible to get a $200,000 home on the beach. It just depends on the level of luxury you are looking to live with.For two people to live comfortably in Nicaragua, Kyle and I have calculated that it would cost about $1500 a month. However, you could afford to live there for as little as $500 a month, if you are willing to go without certain conveniences/luxuries.Overall, it is about half the cost of living in Southern California, and cheaper than any other central American country.Song: Waikiki Hula Medley by George Kuo.