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IL's Quality of Life Index 2011—The Cheapest Countries in the World - International Living Get your FREE report on Where to Live here: Jan 3 -- InternationalLiving magazine editor Eoin Bassett tells us about the two countries that tied for first place for best climate in the world in our 2011 Quality of Life index just published this month. They're both English-speaking, but only one is safe, has a flat 15% tax rate, excellent health care and ocean views. Find out which country it is, and why you don't want to live in the other one, in Eoin's January 3 postcard. Jan 5 -- Maria Trenzado says the hardest thing about owning a home in France is leaving it. She's been looking for the perfect French villa since she was eight years old, and in 2004 she finally made that dream come true. For just $90,000 Maria got her own vacation home nestled in the south of France. Not only that, but all her expenses are covered by rentals when she's not there -- and she even makes a profit. Find out more in Maria's January 5 postcard. Jan 6 -- Eoin Bassett is back, but this time he's revealing a different category of the International Living 2011 Quality of Life index. Eoin tell us about the two cheapest countries in the world to live in. And as Eoin points out, top honors in the Cost of Living category of our Quality of Life Index don't always go to the most idyllic places. Read Eoin's January 6 postcard and find out exactly what he means. And find out about the 10th cheapest country in the world -- a place where you would want to live. Jan 7 -- Chris Hunter takes a look at the coming year and gives his best advice on how to keep what you have and make even more. It's simple advice... invest in big, unstoppable trends that will drive profits no matter what happens in Washington. Chris sees two "megatrends" that he thinks will yield the most spectacular profits for years to come. Find out what they are in Chris' January 7 postcard. Jan 8 -- Ronan McMahon says that Nicaragua gets a bad rap wherever you go. But when he crossed the border from Costa Rica to Nicaragua recently, he was quickly reminded why Nicaragua should be on everybody's radar. The south Pacific Coast is one of the most dramatic, stunning and awesome stretches of beach on earth, but it was something else that made him think that Nicaragua's star is on the rise again. Find out what Ronan has discovered in his January 8 postcard. That's it from me for this week. Sign up for all these postcards and more for free here: and don't forget to visit the International Living Facebook page.