Bus Crossing Flooded Bridge in Nicaragua

Filmed by www.digibuzzmultimedia.com , Cindy Liscow, copyright 2010 I filmed this remarkable video while in Nicaragua in August 2010. We were in a van on our way to Managua. Some of us had to get to the airport, and a young girl had to get to the hospital for scheduled surgery. This was the only route; the other route was completely closed to due an eroded bridge. It was a blistering hot day with Nicaragua's high humidity. The water was 3 feet about the top of the bridge. Vehicles lined up on both sides of the bridge waiting for the river waters to go down. It wasn't long before the public bus drivers decided to brave the crossing. Nicaraguans are industrious, brave people. Their attitude is, You just do what you gotta do to get any job done, no big deal. We waited another 5 hours before crossing, until the water was 2 feet over the bridge. Then, with the van in neutral, engine turned off, we were pushed across by 5 Nicaraguans.