Baile Tradicional Masaya. Nov 14, 2010. 2/2

Every dancing group in Masaya has its own style. Some, like in this case, have the male lead, where he is the one to dance first and then invites his partner to dance. In other groups, the female has the lead. The costumes vary depending of the image the group wishes to portray. In this case, their attire simulates the slave working class, usually called "indios" of the Colonial Era in Nicaragua. Very simple, linnen dresses and a black "reboso" or scarf that the women would wear. Flowers in their hair were their only adornment to make them stand out and of course, the traditional red crimson on their lips. Men wear bells on their feet to make a louder sound, as the male has to portray strong manhood through the hard stomping of his feet. This dance was in one of the many houses the groups visit. Some of these, although modified to fit modern living, are hundreds years old.