A Community Rising Seaside Mariana in Nicaragua

Discover the New Nicaragua's Pacific Coast and Experience Seaside Mariana Oceanfront Community. We're ready and waiting for you to experience the new Nicaragua, an unspoiled gem that combines old world charm with new world possibilities. Where you are remote enough for adventure and mystery, but connected to the world. Where you are embraced by warm waters and people passionate about life, and the country's history and culture intertwine. Where you can escape and be revitalized in a special place that reveals itself and its joys slowly, and time moves a little slower. Seaside Mariana is a growing oceanfront community located on a beautiful sea-washed beach near the towns of Masachapa and Pochomil. Residents in the Seaside Mariana can enjoy a true, growing village atmosphere featuring 6 individual neighborhoods, each offering a distinct tropical personality and plentiful residential choices. It is from this magnificent natural setting that a very special oceanfront community is rising. It is a place of heart and soul; a quiet refuge dedicated to relaxation and revitalization. An integral part of Seaside Mariana is the Nicklaus Design Golf Course and future plans include the development and operation of the 330-room Wyndham Mariana Resort. Whether you are in search of a relaxed oceanfront hideaway, a vibrant town center atmosphere or a mountain eco-escape, Seaside Mariana offers the best of Nicaragua in one community, connected by a common vision.