[24 Hours Project] Vol. 20 Isla De Ometepe, Nicaragua

About [24 Hours Project] : 日本語:http://www.uarok.com/24hoursproject/ English: http://uarok.com/24hoursproject_eng/index.htmlFacebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/24-Hours-Project/327616447346====================20th clip of my 24 Hours Project!Now I have 200 minutos.About my 24 hours project, please read: http://uarok.com/24hoursproject_eng/index.htmlThe video starts at Tica Bus station in San Jose. Going through Costa Rica-Nicaragua border. The bus was completely full since it was right before Christmas. All the Nicaraguan people who work in Costa Rica were trying to get back home. Immigration and crossing the border took about 4-5 hours. The bus was, of course, really late. We were supposed to get to Managua around 4-5PM, but we got there around 9PM.I met up with Tomie, a friend of Emiko (my cousin) who works in Managua through this organization JICA, and she took me to Ometepe the very next day. (She had to go there for a meeting. She works at children's shelter.)I met this guy, Eroll, originally from Kosovo, now living in NYC at a bar near my hotel. We took bike rides together one day around the island and visited the beach and ojo de agua. Great time.Ometepe is a very beautiful island, formed by 2 volcanos located in Lake Nicaragua.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OmetepeNothing can be compared to "island time."More island clips to come! I have edited them, I just have to find a good internet connection for uploading them.Hope you enjoy the clip! Thanks for watching.Kaoru