21 Days – Trailer – URFREE2BU – Mountain Bike Adventure Travel

21 Days is a 7-part documentary showcasing the trials and tribulations of The Legendary 21 Day Epic. We surfed and mountain biked over 2000+ km from Nicaragua to Colombia. Grown men had emotional breakdowns, clients got lost in the jungles, we hitchhiked, bikes were stolen, we were escorted by the military in Panama and we gave our mtn. bikes to a school as a way to give back to the experience that gave us so much. Is this what you have been looking for? Check out the Adventure Info page to give yourself the opportunity to find your power like these guys did. http://urfree2bu.com What's cool about this film is that it is a third party interpretation of what happened. The director Jeremy Russell received all the footage to create on his own, a raw and genuine film that illustrates the power of this unique experience.