Tag: traditions

  • Traditions And Legends

    El Museo de Tradiciones y Leyendas, or Museum of Traditions and Legends, is one of the very fascinating attractions in Nicaragua. Located in the city of Leòn, the museum is housed in an old prison building that was used for this purpose between 1921 and 1979. These were the most brutal and cruel years in the history of the prison. The El Museo de Tradiciones y Leyendas owes its ...

  • Proverbs

    A proverb is a brief saying that is often widely used and usually states a basic truth or embodies a fact that many people have experienced. Because of this a study of Nicaraguan proverbs can provide much insight into Nicaraguans, their perceptions and cultural traditions.

  • Folklore

    Nicaraguan folklore plays a large role in Nicaraguan culture. Many of its stories, songs and dances tell tales of mysterious and often frightening characters known by all Nicaraguans. Nicaragua's folklore and oral traditions have given rise to at the least 25 distinctive myths/legends. Folkloric legends have influenced Nicaraguan culture with regards to beliefs relating to things as simple ...