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  • Regions

    Boaco Region

    Almost in the centre of Nicaragua, lies the Boaco region. It has an estimated population of three hundred and seventeen thousand and is made up of rolling hills, breathtaking natural landscapes and well maintained agricultural areas. Until the Spanish occupation, the Boaco region was home to large nuhuas tribes and sumos tribes, but it would be the Spanish influence that would begin the ...

  • Managua Region


    Nicaragua is a Central American country that has over 5,460,000 people of varying Indian groups. This beautiful country is situated close to the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea and since the early 19th century it has had a chaotic history. Managua is the capital of the country and it is also one of the biggest and best known of all the cities and towns here. One of the municipalities ...

  • Atlantico Sur (South Atlantic)

    El Rama

    Today, El Rama is quiet and peaceful and is one of the lesser known destinations in Nicaragua. However, just a few years ago it was a road less traveled due to the danger and fear that surrounded this little tropical paradise. Unfortunately, it became a target of war efforts because of its strategic location between rivers. It was also conveniently situated on the fastest route to the ...

  • Boaco Region


    Boaco is a one of the many cities found in central Nicaragua. It has a population of about 24300 people so it is quite small. The Boaco town of La Calamidad means "the Calamity" and it is so named because the land is only good for cattle. There is not much fresh water here and so it is seen as a calamity. The city is known for its commercial and manufacturing center where a lot of the ...

  • Culture


    Much like the country itself, Nicaragua’s architecture is incredibly diverse. As you travel the country you will find yourself pondering on the plight of rural citizens living in shacks in various rural areas only to find yourself enjoying the opulence of a high-class, colonial-style hotel only hours later. Much of the existing architecture in the main cities has been influenced by the ...

  • Culture


    Nicaragua is an incredibly beautiful country filled with spectacular natural wonders. It may not be the richest country financially speaking, but it certainly has an abundance of natural treasures. It is usually these natural treasures – beautiful green forests, pristine sandy beaches and stunning blue rivers and waterfalls – which draw visitors to the country. Tourism in this country is ...

  • Culture


    The official language of Nicaragua is Spanish. In the past nine other languages were spoken in Nicaragua. However, only seven of these are currently considered living languages and the remaining three are now seen as being extinct. Below is a list of these languages along with some details about them:

  • News


    As Nicaragua has suffered from political unrest in the past and still has so much that is newsworthy happening, the country’s news media are definitely not in short supply. The country not only has several newspapers, but they broadcast the news daily on local TV and put up regular postings on the Internet. Most Nicaraguan newspaper companies run their stories in Spanish but there are a few ...