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  • Matagalpa

    Matagalpa cityis located in the northern highlands of Nicaragua, about 130 km or two hours from Managua. The name of the city means "Lets go where the rocks are" because it is situated near Rio Grande, which means "rocky river" and is so named by the Indian people. The city is 3000 feet above the mean sea level so it has quite a cool climate that is good for producing coffee beans. It is ...

  • Selva Negra Reserve

    For a truly unique experience, you simply have to visit the Selva Negra Cloud Forest Reserve. Situated at an elevation of more than 3000 feet, this 1500 square acre farm is a modern marvel. Upon entering at the European-style gatehouse complete with red and white stripped bar, you feel as if you have entered another world. Yet, while the reserve and coffee plantation are strongly German, ...

  • Coffee

    Let’s begin by getting some terminology straight: when it comes to wine – you indulge yourself with a bit of “wine tasting”. But when it comes to a steaming cup of coffee the process is called “cupping” – that’s the procedure used by professional tasters to evaluate the standard of the smell, taste and look of samples of coffee beans and cups of coffee.