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  • Chinandega Region


    Nicaragua is a beautiful country made up of many departments and municipalities - many of which have never been visited by tourists. One of these not so visited municipalities is Somotillo in the Chinandega department - a hot and dry area. Somotillo is a small town with only 32,583 residents and, if it were not for people and goods being moved between Nicaragua and Honduras, Somotillo would ...

  • Leon Region


    Nagarote is located in the Nicaraguan department of León. This stunning city is located just 42 km from the city of Managua between the natural wonders of the Pacific Ocean and the Lake Nicaragua. There are several interesting things to see in Nagarote and the people are very friendly. Nicaragua's Nagarote has formed a sister city alliance with Norwalk in Connecticut, USA, in an effort to ...

  • Museums

    Literature Crusade

    The term ‘crusade’ can be defined as a campaign or movement but is more often associated with the words ‘battle’, ‘fight’, ‘war’ and ‘struggle’. In fact, all these synonyms are quite appropriate when referring to Nicaragua’s ‘Literacy Crusade’. This war against illiteracy was an extensive, nationwide battle against the ill effects of poor education. The struggle took the form of a nationwide ...