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    Nueva Segovia Region

    With its mountainous terrain, spectacular waterfalls, densely forested areas, hot springs and verdant coffee plantations, the Nueva Segovia department of Nicaragua, is divided into twelve municipalities – Ciudad Antigua, Dipilto, El Jicaro, Jalapa, Macuelizo, Mozonte, Murra, Ocotal, Quilali, San Fernando, Santa Maria, Wiwili de Nueva Segovia – and has the city of Ocotal as its capital. ...

  • Nueva Segovia Region


    Located in the northwest of Nicaragua is Ocotal; a lovely city surrounded by beautiful landscapes. Ocotal falls under the Nueva Segovia department of Nicaragua and is a fantastic destination for tourists. Situated near the Coco River and Cordillera Mountain Range, it boasts outstanding scenery. So break away from the hustle and bustle of Nicaragua's larger cities and relax in Ocotal of Nueva ...