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    La flor Reserve

    The Refugio de Vida Silvestra La Flor is also known as the La Flor Reserve or the Refuge of Wild Life. It is located approximately 150 kilometers from Managua. The roads to Refugio de Vida Silvestra La Flor are easily navigated. However, the roads become more difficult during the rainy season when the small rivers that cross the road swell with water making crossing them a rather daunting ...

  • National parks

    Isla Juan Venado Reserve

    Isla Juan Venado Nature Reserve is an important protected area in Nicaragua. It forms part of the country's national park system and is well-known as a vital coastal wetland region. The stunning Juan Venado Island is situated near the fascinating city of León to the south of the beaches of Las Peñitas and Poneloya. As such, it is convenient to reach and is frequently included in tours of the ...

  • National parks

    Montibelli Nature Reserve

    One of a few privately owned nature reserves in Nicaragua, the Montibelli Nature Reserve is well known as being one of the best places to go for great bird watching. It is located just 30 minutes from Managua and covers a large section of the Pacific basin, so there is plenty of tropical dry forest to explore. The reserve is rich in plant and animal life and you will find birds such as ...

  • National parks

    Chocoyero Nature Reserve

    The small, 41 square kilometer Chocoyero Nature Reserve is located in a narrow canyon. This protected area is just less than 28 kilometers from the town of Managua and is home to the Scandalous Chocoyo - a variety of the Pacific green parakeet. These beautiful birds make their nests on the cliffs of the canyon, near any water that may trickle down. Other birds and animals that you can see ...