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    Literature Crusade

    The term ‘crusade’ can be defined as a campaign or movement but is more often associated with the words ‘battle’, ‘fight’, ‘war’ and ‘struggle’. In fact, all these synonyms are quite appropriate when referring to Nicaragua’s ‘Literacy Crusade’. This war against illiteracy was an extensive, nationwide battle against the ill effects of poor education. The struggle took the form of a nationwide ...

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    Museum of the Revolution, Tourist Attractions, Culture

    Imagine living in a country ruled by a monarchy with very little regard for the welfare of its people. Imagine living at a time when the words ‘revolution’ are a mere whisper in the air. Then imagine this fragile concept taking a sudden and violent turn; rocking the very foundations of your homeland and completely reforming the political situation that had caused the people of your land so ...

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    Traditions And Legends

    El Museo de Tradiciones y Leyendas, or Museum of Traditions and Legends, is one of the very fascinating attractions in Nicaragua. Located in the city of Leòn, the museum is housed in an old prison building that was used for this purpose between 1921 and 1979. These were the most brutal and cruel years in the history of the prison. The El Museo de Tradiciones y Leyendas owes its ...

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    Masaya Volcano

    The Masaya Volcano National Park is situated in the Nindiri region about five km from Masaya and is easily accessible off the main highway. It opens everyday from 9AM to 5PM and is considered a popular tourist area. The Masaya Volcano National Park contains two volcanoes. The first is called Masaya and is Nicaragua's shortest volcano, standing at 635 meters, and the other is Nindiri. When ...

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    Museo Alfonso Cortez

    The Museo Alfonso Cortèz is located in mastic buildings that are more than 200 years old. This attraction in the city of Leon is the story of a well-respected poet who was loved by the people and who lived in the same room that was previously occupied by Rubèn Dario, another well known Nicaraguan poet. The story of Alfonso Cortèz is largely tragic, but is nonetheless a reflection of true ...

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    No visit to a foreign country is complete without a trip to at least one of the country’s many museums. Nicaragua is certainly no exception and the country has several fine museums that are well worth visiting. While some of these Nicaraguan museums may not be as big or as modern as museums found in other parts of the world, they do offer some real gems of information regarding the culture, ...