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  • Masaya Region


    Nicaragua is an expansive country with numerous cities, towns and villages scattered across its landscape. Whilst most visitors to the country are aware of the main cities and chief tourist destinations, they are likely unfamiliar with the many small towns and villages that contribute to the sheer splendor of this country. They may be easy to overlook, but the smaller municipal areas are ...

  • Matagalpa Region

    Ciudad Dario

    In the department of Matagalpa, Nicaragua, you will find a fascinating city steeped in history and culture. Renowned as the birthplace of exceptional Nicaraguan poet Rubén Darío, Ciudad Darío has much to offer tourists. Originally known as Metapa and Chocoyos even before that, Ciudad Darío is easily accessed along the renowned Pan-American Highway.

  • Esteli Region


    The small village of Condega, in the Esteli region of Nicaragua, was established in the 1700’s and was under the control of the Leon government for many years. It became a very important village with regard to the transit of gold, wood and agriculture. Condega is a very quaint destination in Nicaragua. This is a place where the streets are dominated by bicycles and pedestrians; a place where ...

  • Sights

    El Castillo

    The small town of El Castillo is located in Rio San Juan and was established in the 1700’s. The most popular attraction to the town is the El Castillo de la Inmaculada Concepciòn de Maria (Fortress of Immaculate Conception) or El Morro. It is the reason the town was established, as El Morro is a massive, looming fortress that was originally built by the Spanish to defend the land ...

  • Museums

    Ruben Dario Museum

    The Rubèn Darìo Museum is located in Leòn in the home where the most famous Nicaraguan poet spent his childhood and returned to die. Rubèn Darìo was not only recognized as a poet, but as a diplomat to his country and as a successful journalist. The Rubèn Darìo Museum is not only a favorite attraction in Nicaragua for tourists, but locals also visit to be reminded of the genius that once ...

  • Museums

    San Francisco Convent

    The Museo del Convento de San Francisco, or San Francisco Convent, has a rich heritage and its existence is testimony to its importance to the people of Granada. The San Francisco Convent is attached to the church and both structures were first erected in 1525, along with the rest of the city of Granada. Unfortunately this city was plagued by pirates who plundered cities and burnt what ...

  • Museums

    Sandino Museum

    Likely by now you will have heard at least something about the Sandinista liberation movement which had such a huge impact on the history and economy of Nicaragua. As you makes your way through this intriguing country, it is easy to imagine the conflicts that were fought in order to gain independence from the harsh rule that was formerly imposed on the people of this country. But no matter ...

  • Museums

    Acahualinca Footprints

    The Footprints of Acahualinca, or Huellas de Acahualinca in Spanish, is a renowned archaeological site located near the Nicaraguan city of Managua. The Acahualinca Footprints Museum is dedicated to this fascinating find and documents scientific conclusions regarding the site. Also in the museum of Acahualinca are a number of artifacts from various localities in Nicaragua, such as mammoth ...

  • Museums

    Centro de Arte

    Right near the front of the San Francisco Church in Leon, you will find Nicaragua’s Centro de Arte. The building itself is not as beautiful as other colonial structures that can be found in Leon, but it is dedicated to the artwork of various western artists who came to the fore over the last four centuries. The center is designed to help students and families learn more about Nicaraguan and ...

  • Attractions


    Nicaragua is a country with a rich cultural heritage and fascinating history. The sights in Nicaragua tend more towards natural attractions than that of ancient buildings as many historical sights have been destroyed by earthquakes and military conflicts. However, amazing sights in Nicaragua are not in short supply; there is plenty to keep tourist eyes busy. We provide you with a glimpse ...