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  • Masaya Region


    The capital city of the Masaya department, shares its name, and is often referred to as the City of Flowers or the Cradle of Nicaraguan Folklore. This magnificently beautiful city is home to approximately a hundred and fifty thousand residents and located a mere fourteen kilometers from the city of Granada and is also in close proximity to Managua. Named after one of the city’s most popular ...

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    Masaya Region

    The smallest of Nicaragua's departments by area, Masaya department is divided into nine municipalities – Catarina, La Concepcion, Masatepe, Masaya, Nandasmo, Nindiri, Niquinomo, San Juan de Oriente and Tisma. The city of Masaya, the capital of the Masaya department, is widely considered to be the center of national folklore in Nicaragua and has been declared both the "Cultural Legacy of the ...

  • Masaya Region

    La concepcion

    La Concepción is both a municipality, town and volcano but it is the volcano which is perhaps the best known of these. Located in the Masaya department of Nicaragua, La Concepción is not your average tourist destination. The municipality is spread out over quite a large area and the town itself lies in the shadow of the mighty Nicaraguan volcano. Its existence has been threatened by this ...

  • Masaya Region


    Not many people take the time to visit Masatepe but if you do, you can expect to find a colorful, peaceful town with a very active social and cultural life. The Municipality of Masatepe is situated in Nicaragua’s Masaya department and it is roughly 45 kilometers northwest of Managua city. It is quite easy to reach by road if you take the Pan-American Highway from Managua towards Rivas. Take ...

  • Masaya Region


    Nicaragua is an expansive country with numerous cities, towns and villages scattered across its landscape. Whilst most visitors to the country are aware of the main cities and chief tourist destinations, they are likely unfamiliar with the many small towns and villages that contribute to the sheer splendor of this country. They may be easy to overlook, but the smaller municipal areas are ...

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    Volcano Climbing

    Volcano Climbing in Nicaragua is not only an exhilarating and fascinating experience, but it can also be very dangerous. This attraction in Nicaragua has steadily grown in popularity mostly due to human fascination with the power and beauty of volcanoes, and the fear that they invoke. When thinking of a volcano you get the image of smoke, fire and massive rivers of boiling lava that cause ...

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    Markets at Masaya

    The Masaya Market has been alive for centuries and its role remains the same today: the trade of goods and the exhibition of art and culture. It started life in a building that was once a law and philosophy university but the building needed a few changes to turn it into a market place. These renovations finally came to an end in 1891 and the marketplace was ready for trade. Despite the fact ...

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    You don’t have to be a geologist to appreciate the immense power and beauty of a volcano in Nicaragua. The incredibly fertile soil that surrounds these 'creatures of the earth' helps create an incredibly beautiful home for many animals and plants. Add to this the gentle rumbling of the living, breathing volcano beneath your feet and the thrill of knowing you’re so close to one of earth’s ...

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    Nicaragua has some very impressive shopping centers and markets. There are often so many different shops in Nicaragua that sell a variety of goods that you will be able to just stroll around for days on end. Some of the locally manufactured and sold items for sale in Nicaragua include gold work, embroidery, leather work, shoes, artwork and paintings.