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  • Masaya

    The capital city of the Masaya department, shares its name, and is often referred to as the City of Flowers or the Cradle of Nicaraguan Folklore. This magnificently beautiful city is home to approximately a hundred and fifty thousand residents and located a mere fourteen kilometers from the city of Granada and is also in close proximity to Managua. Named after one of the city’s most popular ...

  • Masaya Region

    The smallest of Nicaragua's departments by area, Masaya department is divided into nine municipalities – Catarina, La Concepcion, Masatepe, Masaya, Nandasmo, Nindiri, Niquinomo, San Juan de Oriente and Tisma. The city of Masaya, the capital of the Masaya department, is widely considered to be the center of national folklore in Nicaragua and has been declared both the "Cultural Legacy of the ...

  • Roberto Huembes Market

    Visitors to the city of Managua in Nicaragua who are up for an hour or two of shopping should head off to the Roberto Huembes Market. It is situated nearby a number of hotels in the city, making access to the large market quite easy. So, if you don't mind a bit of hustle and bustle and are keen on purchasing some goods, then Huembes Market is for you.