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  • Museo Alfonso Cortez

    The Museo Alfonso Cortèz is located in mastic buildings that are more than 200 years old. This attraction in the city of Leon is the story of a well-respected poet who was loved by the people and who lived in the same room that was previously occupied by Rubèn Dario, another well known Nicaraguan poet. The story of Alfonso Cortèz is largely tragic, but is nonetheless a reflection of true ...

  • Museums

    No visit to a foreign country is complete without a trip to at least one of the country’s many museums. Nicaragua is certainly no exception and the country has several fine museums that are well worth visiting. While some of these Nicaraguan museums may not be as big or as modern as museums found in other parts of the world, they do offer some real gems of information regarding the culture, ...

  • Literature

    Nicaraguan literature, and especially poetry, has played a massive role in the culture of Nicaraguans. Margaret Randall wrote: “Throughout Nicaraguan culture, the poet is the high priest.” ('Risking a Somersault in the Air') Likewise Salman Rushdie expressed similar words after visiting Nicaragua during the 1980s. During his stay he found himself amidst a mass of poets fighting for a cause.

  • Proverbs

    A proverb is a brief saying that is often widely used and usually states a basic truth or embodies a fact that many people have experienced. Because of this a study of Nicaraguan proverbs can provide much insight into Nicaraguans, their perceptions and cultural traditions.

  • Famous People

    A number of famous Nicaraguans have emerged from Nicaragua's somewhat turbulent past. The majority of these famous people from Nicaragua have played an important role in Nicaraguan politics or literature, but there are others who are known world wide for other reasons. On this page you will discover more about a number of famous Nicaraguans.